Sister Slam


Went to see my cousin's husband's new band last night. Escape does 1980's covers, and now I have Eddie Van Halen and The Police looping through my head! It was great to see all the young cousins (and some of the old ones, too!) and to dance!

MFA work for me this afternoon. I spent a few days recovering from a virus, and now it's back to work. Happy Sunday, all.
Sister Slam

Letters Like This Make It So Worthwhile!

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for signing my son's copy of "Hound Heaven." He was so excited as he ran over to me from the bus after school to show me his book. He shouted out, "Mom, look!! She signed it! She signed it!!" He told me that you were "really cool." It's so nice that you take the time to visit various schools... I think it's a real treat for everyone!

Lisa D'Alessandro
(mother from The H. Russell Swift School in Egg Harbor Twp., NJ)
Sister Slam

Holly Hills Elementary!

Thanks so much to all at Holly Hills Elementary! The kids were so well-behaved, and the desserts from lunch are yummy. A special thanks to organizer Kerri Murphy: marathon librarian!
Sister Slam

Yay, Swift!

Thanks to everybody at Swift School in Egg Harbor Township! It was a great school day. A special shout-out to Kim DeNaples for organizing my visit!!
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Shout Out to Joyanne D. Miller School!

Thanks so much to the students, teachers, and parents at Joyanne D. Miller School in Egg Harbor. You rock! All 4 audiences were sooooooo well-behaved, with some impressive questions. Lunch was yummy, and I LOVE the DVD you made about my books! Thanks so much!
Sister Slam

Hospital and Flu and Snowstorm: Oh, my!

So my grandson ended up in the ER on Friday night: high fever, vomiting, dehydrated, ear infection, enlarged tonsils. He was admitted to the pediatrics unit, and is still there, as an ear/nose/throat specialist is running some tests in the morning. We've spent hours hanging in the hospital with The Boy, and thankfully, he's on the upswing. Whew. Hard to see a little guy in the hospital.

Tomorrow, I head to Egg Harbor Township, NJ, for 3 days in schools. The snowstorm is coming, so this may be a long slow drive.

So that's the news of the weekend. I should be working on a critical essay for the MFA program, but I'm blogging and reading the newspaper and watching TV. Perhaps I shall just relax tonight, and work on the essay . . . tomorrow night.

Enjoy the snow, if you're in the path!
Sister Slam


My Grand Boy, 4, is sick in bed with The Flu. Positive healing energies and thoughts are appreciated! He's sleeping now, which never happens at this time of the morning.

My Saturday morning Write That Novel class at Goggleworks in Reading is going well. I have a roomful of talented writers, which is always a treat.

Ok. Going to go peek at the Sleeping One. Wishing you all a happy and healthy weekend.