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My friend Diane's husband Mick was a great guy who loved life. His energy and enthusiasm are legend: Building an amazing log house by hand, lovingly restoring his 1957 Chevy, astounding his brother by restoring a car for him, too (license plate: 4 U Pal), strumming his Banjo in the Mummers parade, adoring his beloved Labrador retrievers, surprising Diane with yellow marshmallow peeps and a cool ring on Easter morning. On the day after Easter, Mick Percetti was killed in a work-related accident. Mick worked in conscientous respect for nature, and he thrived upon his work as a timber harvester and logger. His memorial service was on Saturday morning. Please keep Diane in your thoughts and prayers. She's one of the sweetest human beings on the planet, and my heart crumbles for her. Mick's pets (his "kids") are lonely for him, too . . . and Maggie, Sadie, and Oreo are missing Mick along with the rest of his family and friends. Rest in peace, Mick Percetti, and we'll see you somewhere above the trees.
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Writing Retreat!

My buddy pass finally flew me to Georgia, and the writing retreat with Lola and Jeff was fantastic!! We wrote and wrote and wrote, stopping only to eat, sleep, or hike. I produced about 30 new pages on my novel! Yay!

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Sister Slam

The Downfalls of Buddy Passes

So the bad thing about flying on a Buddy Pass is that you might not be able to board the flight you REALLY, REALLY want to get on! I've flown on these passes several times, and today is the first time that I've been unable to get on the flight. Drat. Have 4 hours until the next flight. Thank God for free internet access and (expensive) coffee.

Our sweet new dog Sasha looked so sad when I left this morning. Reminds me of the days before my kids turned into teenagers and adults: somebody moping about me leaving.

May your day fly smoothly.
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Saturday Stuff

So it's the get-the-car-inspected, get-the-taxes-done time of the year, and those boring things are finished. Whew. It's also the get-ready-for-the-writing-retreat-with-Lola-and-Jeff time of year. Yay!! It's only something like 11 days until I go to Georgia to write, write, write with devoted and hard-working fellow writers. Last time we did this, I came home with quite a chunk of work. But before I go, I need to write some more, here at home!

Tomorrow is my last class in which to teach this session of Write That Novel at Goggleworks. This has been an awesome class, with so many talented writers, and they've made it really interesting and fun. Thanks, everybody!

I'm so enjoying our new dog Sasha. She's one of those lovey-dovey cuddle-up-on-the-sofa kinds of dogs, which is really lovely. She also loves to walk, which is good for stuck-to-the-computer people like me. Off to walk now!

Have a great weekend.
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Introducing: Sasha!

We found Sasha on a rescue foundation website ( and we fell in love, just from her photo. We visited her at her foster home and fell more in love, and then we welcomed her into our home on Saturday, and fell more in love. Sasha's a mix: retriever, pitbull, and lots of sweetness in one brown and white pink-nosed dog. 9 months old and housetrained, Sasha is a dream doggie!

We might be kind of like a guy who wants to date two weeks after his wife's funeral, but I think adopting a new dog who needs a home is a tribute to Angel's life and to the love we have for her! Sasha agrees.
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Our sweet old golden retriever will be going to Dog Heaven in about 2 hours. We've called the vet. Poor Angel has gone severely downhill the past few weeks, and today has been really bad. She couldn't get up to walk inside, so our 18-year-old carried her, and my heart is breaking as she trembles on the floor beside me. We're all a-blubber in this house tonight.

We got Angel as a beautiful blonde puppy when Zach was in kindergarten. Zach's now 18 and about 6' tall. Angel's 14, and the best dog ever. Good natured and loveable, loyal and true. Best. Dog. Ever.

My Dad adores our dog, and he's outside in our backyard now, helping to dig the grave. He's 78. My brother's here, too. Everybody wanted to say their goodbyes and to help. We've never had to make this decision before, and it's been a difficult one.

May she run with abandon and joy in Dog Heaven. Here's Angel's sweet face in a picture I took today. Even in the midst of her pain, she tried hard to thump her tail.