April 19th, 2009

Sister Slam


My friend Diane's husband Mick was a great guy who loved life. His energy and enthusiasm are legend: Building an amazing log house by hand, lovingly restoring his 1957 Chevy, astounding his brother by restoring a car for him, too (license plate: 4 U Pal), strumming his Banjo in the Mummers parade, adoring his beloved Labrador retrievers, surprising Diane with yellow marshmallow peeps and a cool ring on Easter morning. On the day after Easter, Mick Percetti was killed in a work-related accident. Mick worked in conscientous respect for nature, and he thrived upon his work as a timber harvester and logger. His memorial service was on Saturday morning. Please keep Diane in your thoughts and prayers. She's one of the sweetest human beings on the planet, and my heart crumbles for her. Mick's pets (his "kids") are lonely for him, too . . . and Maggie, Sadie, and Oreo are missing Mick along with the rest of his family and friends. Rest in peace, Mick Percetti, and we'll see you somewhere above the trees.