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Toilet Shoes In Paradise: Days of a Writer's Life

Jun. 23rd, 2009 03:14 pm Tuesday

Seems as if I do most of my blogging on Facebook nowadays. It's short and sweet and easy. I do enjoy reading Live Journal, though, and love hearing (in my head, as I read!) what everybody is doing.

I have a break from MFA work, which is nice. Next residency is July 11-23. I'm excited to go to Vermont!

Picked up a freelance writing gig for which I'm writing about legislation to help self-employed disabled veterans. Check out www.giveavetachance.org. My Dad's a veteran, so I believe in the cause.

Will be presenting at the Stroudsburg University summer reading conference on Friday. Registration is way down, so if anybody is interested get in touch with the university. Doggone economy is hitting everybody hard.

I'll also be presenting a morning storytime on July 1st at the Margate Library. Come one; come all. Margate's just a bit south of Atlantic City, so if you happen to be at the beach (and are reading LJ!) pop in for an hour.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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