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Happy Mother's Day? - Toilet Shoes In Paradise: Days of a Writer's Life — LiveJournal

May. 11th, 2009 08:43 am Happy Mother's Day?

Hope that every mother had a lovely Mother's Day! Mine was good up until, oh, about midnight, when my son called downstairs, "MOM! I don't have a bed!" "What do you mean?" I called back. "There's water everywhere," he shouted in return. I ran upstairs, and lo and behold, his waterbed was now a frame of water leaking onto the floor. Yuck. We worked for about an hour, throwing soaked sheets and comforters and pillows out the window and using the Shop Vac on the water and aiming fans at the flooded floor and moving books from the room under the flooded floor in case the ceiling started to leak. Whew. Apparently, our new puppy may have chewed a hole in the mattress. But guess what? We adore her anyway! That's the magic of dogs: unconditional love that goes both ways.

So that was the night. My MD gift was a pink dogwood tree, now planted in the backyard, on the spot where our golden retriever Angel is buried.

Enjoy your day, all!

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